Tips for Talking with an Employee about Addiction

Addiction affects a minimum of 10% of the population. It’s an expensive problem that can dramatically impact your bottom line. Are you worried about your employees’ safety? Managing addictions is vital to minimizing your organization’s risks and liabilities. DO identify specific changes you’ve noticed and your concerns for their health and … Read more

Emerging Trends in Substance Use: Implications for Workplace Policies

In the constantly evolving landscape of substance use, it’s crucial for employers to stay ahead of trends, particularly with the ever-evolving prescription drug abuse and the emergence of new psychoactive substances by ‘creative clandestine chemists’. These situations present unique challenges for workplace policies, best addressed by a proactive … Read more

The Trouble With Not Knowing: When Substance Use Becomes an Addiction

My primary role as a Workplace Drug, Alcohol and Cannabis Consultant is to educate. One of the key areas of this focus is to help people understand that addiction is not a choice, a momentary lapse in morals, or a character flaw. It is a mental health disorder … Read more